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Free WiFi should be made available in every country

It's immensely tough not to listen to something you don't really want to listen to. "WiFi hacker is working" is something I didn't want to listen because personally I own a very high speed WiFi and I have had trouble protecting it from the schoolkid hackers who read noob things from internet and try it out on my router. It isn't cool. I was aghast when my own kid Danielle was trying to hack the neighbor's WiFi using this application WiFi hacker. I couldn't help but shout at my daughter. Which dad would be cool with her daughter being a stealer? I got furious and went to the application's official website to report it. It just got a little late before I stumbled upon the story behind this application. I filed the report by then. As my daughter would call this application "WiFi unlocker", it merely unlocks the password of the router. We should be conscious of the words we use for there is a huge difference between unlock and hack. Unlock sounds ethical. Hack sounds unethical. My daughter, aged 12, stupidly calls this as unlocker. I am really skeptical of her stupidity because she couldn't give that application a better name. Infact no one could. I did a background check on the creators, mastermind and other members responsible for the development of this application. David Ogle, principal technology architect under Microsoft had this idea buried in his mind. He had to let it out to someone and that's where his close friend Robert K Temme came into picture. Robert, after extensive research, is such a charismatic person that he would volunteer for any noble cause the seconds he hears about it. Design was done and taken care of by David. Robert coded it to perfection for he is the lead software engineer in Microsoft. These guys were never really into testing. They are just not attracted towards testing for some unknown reasons. Barry Roberson, a relatively senior member, Head of Testing Department under Microsoft, has been presented a slideshow of this application. Initially it was asked of Barry by Robert and David for a certain someone working under Barry himself. But Barry couldn't resist the urge of testing an application which has the potentiality to become very huge. So Barry decided to take the credits himself. Guys working under Microsoft know what they are doing. And they would be sued if they were trying their hands on something illegal. If I bring you the story behind the application as if I am affiliated to them and don't explain the legality of this application, the purpose of this article would be defeated. David and Robert, put a proposal to telecommunication industry across 90% of the countries in the world stating "No WiFi subscribed users are using their network to their full potential. It could be improved with the application we develop. We need your assistance for it". This WiFi hacker, which most kids would think this application shows me how to hack WiFi password, merely unveils the password to you only under the circumstance that the corresponding Internet Service Provider of the device you are trying to get the password sends a 128 bit signal which the application can understand either as a "TRUE" or a "FALSE". If a "TRUE" signal is received, it indicates that the WiFi device you are trying to unlock can actually be unlocked because the usage is not maximized. If a "FALSE" signal is received, it indicates that the WiFi device is already in maximum usage. You can't unveil the password to anyone. Lucky for most users, most users don't use their WiFi connection to their fullest.

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Free PayPal Money Generator Given Out!

Form your own impressions on this application pearl that I am going to introduce to you now which goes by the name PayPal money adder. Before you pass on some depreciatory comments without even trying the application from your side, question your monotony of daily existence and try something which I tell you to do this moment which you won't end up regretting. The virality of this free PayPal money adder is not so inexplicable because it is probably the only ever application to have hit the market which will generate you just free PayPal money at just your call. There is no possibility of anyone verifying my guess, still I'd like to guess that this application will be the most downloaded application and the most rated application among the users in timeline of decades of decades to come. The application's interface is really inhostile for there are only three things you will have to know: the first one being the email ID i.e the email ID you are using for PayPal account and the second one being the amount in the national currency of your PayPal account and the final one being the generate button which is "action-on-click" button which would end up triggering a request for the transaction from the central server to the country specific PayPal server. The ability of the application to even claim that it can generate free PayPal money is appreciative in itself and if it does what it claims to say, it is pure beatitude. The puerile skeptics will always be there and it is natural human tendency to fall prey into this puerile nature of oneself and go for distending reviews from many of the top passionate bloggers around. If this puerile nature of yourself is taking you unawares, the dream of getting free PayPal money will stay a dream and won't materialize anytime soon unless and until you build a pair and go for the PayPal money adder download. This review or more precisely a testament to this application is not an ostentatious attempt to get you to download this application by any means for this is indirectly my attempt by myself to express the inexpressible beauty of the application I am so struck with bliss to have stumbled upon. And FYI, this application is not minatory and doesn't pose any threats as one would expect it to throw some and I am telling you this now that all these threats are conjured up by your imagination and it ain't nothing more than pieces of your subconscious. For incurably lazy people like most of the keyboard warriors here, remove the strain upon the mind that you got something to lose in an attempt to download the PayPal money adder application mainly because that strain is just preventing you from discovering a goldmine. Now then would you want to be an old crone after years of regrets for letting go of this goldmine? The many-sidedness of the human mind really determines crucial moments like this but one thing of momentous importance that you should know and that would help you feel relieved is that the PayPal money adder application is completely white hat from your perspective because you aren't the antagonist here for the "antagonizing" adjective should be used in conjunction with the creator's server where they move money from excess PayPal funds to your account in the form of free PayPal money.